Akpınar Village

Akpınar KöyüMining activities at the region of Akpınar have been still continued. The works for landscaping and rehabilitation of land for forestation have been made at the fields of mining in previous years, and application for forestation permit to the Forest Administration has been made by our Company.   

The mining field no.  İR.5296 which was owned by Kut Madencilik Anonim Şirketi remained totally at the coastline of the Black Sea.  At this field the coal which are deep on the seabed and deep under the seabed have been put to the benefit and advantage of the economy.  The relevant coal field is located throughout  the coastline among province of İstanbul, Eyüp district, Kısırkaya, Çiftalan,  Ağaçlı, Akpınar, Yeniköy Villages.