The Period of Halis Kutmangil

TarihçeAfter Ragıp Kutmangil passed away in 1964   the flag has been taken over by Halis Kutmangil.  Halis Kutmangil, liquidating all other business of the Company with the thought that “mining cannot be accomplished without industrialization” in Turkey which aimed to be industrialized has put emphasize onto the field of mining sector.   Halis Kutmangil's mining activities have based on a long, laborious, tedious work, struggle and resistance.  

In the earlier years the fact that the work was based on manual labor, low production due to absence of construction machines, widespread use fuel oil, coal was unpopular in consumption have created bottlenecks.  

Although ETİBANK established a Work in the earlier years of the Republic at the Mining Basin of Ağaçlı-Çiftalan exploited within the conditions of War of Germany in 1914s, it could not be continued due to such reasons as that the work was unproductive, production was difficult, sales were less, etc., and finally ETİBANK left the Mining Basin.  Following the production was discontinued by ETİBANK, Halis Kutmangil started to work thereat and faced with great difficulties and challenges both in the production and sales.     

Halis KUTMANGİL who was pioneer in the mining at the region in the Coal Sector revived after the Oil Crisis in 1973 supplied the gradually increasing demand of fuel of Istanbul and provided and brought the mining reserves at the region to the Country’s Economy. At the same time he laid foundations and bases of the initial private forestation works performed at the mining works in the region of Istanbul just before his death.