Ağaçlı Village

Ağaçlı KöyüKutman Ticaret Limited Şirketi and Kut Madencilik Anonim Şirketi have been making production of Coal, Sand, Clay by open cast mining method within borders of Eyüp-Gaziosmanpaşa districts in the province of Istanbul. The Coal that have been produced at the region between Kilyos and Karaburun within borders of the province of Istanbul and the direction of Northwest are known among the people of Istanbul as “Ağaçlı Coals”.      

History of Ağaçlı Coal Mines (Collieries) used by Kutman    Şirketler Grubu is very old.  There exists places of collieries on the topographic map written in Ottoman Script in  1908.  In this area Coal production works at the region were made initially by the German at the preferred coal field no. İ.İ.144 in 1914. At this field at the time of the World War-II a partial production was made jointly by French and Etibank.  Between the years of 1941 and 1943 up to 70 mine exploration drillings have been made by the Mine Research and Exploration Institute (M.T.A.).

In the 1950's and 1970s M.T.A. continued its mine exploration drilling works for the purpose of researches of coal and clay. All of these works have been brought in the form of report by M.T.A. Later on, in the report arranged in 1953 by the geologist Dr.  GZİMMER in the name of M.T.A. under the name of “ The Report on the Results obtained from the Drillings made in 1950-1951 at Ağaçlı Lignite Basin” in the light of drillings made at the field, a comparative review and comment was made.   Ağaçlı Lignite which were produced in 1952 at the coal field no. İ.İ 144 1952 were supplied only to the Military Units.  Due to the fact that production was not economic, at the works carried out by Etibank over the said field, this coal field which took royalty to exploit, was awarded on 20.07.1954 to Kutman Ltd. Şti. Under the Resolution No. 4/3520 of the Council of Ministers.   

In the years of 1956-1958 the Ministry of Agriculture encouraged the people of Istanbul to use Ağaçlı Lignite in order to preserve Belgrad Forests. Because 70% of the people in Istanbul have been using wood as fuel; woods are produced from trees cut from forests by neighboring villagers illegally and likewise they were illegally sneaked into the city horse-drawn carriages. Forests were rapidly disappearing due to illegal cuttings. Production of Ağaçlı Lignite within border of the province of  İstanbul is of great and prime importance because the city needs great energy inasmuch as the fact that it is a great city.  

License holders were able to carry out coal production until the oil crisis in the year of 1973 under very difficult and harsh conditions.   As the result of the oil crisis importance of local energy sources was realized, and coal stoves were used instead of Kerosene Stoves, and Coal-fired central heating boilers were used instead of fuel-oil fired boilers.  Thus, the great demand to coal saved the business of Coal Works and its sector which were at the point of agony, and ensured rather great amounts of increase in the production at the coming years. Eventually, a solution was found to the demand of energy of province of Istanbul and neighboring provinces by means of productions continued for many years.  Therefore Kutman has assumed and undertook a public task.