The Period of Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil

Mehmet Bekir KutmangilAfter death of Halis Kutmangil on 07.12.1988, his son Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil who executed his studies as academician for a long year in the Mining Sector has continued to carry out actually the dynamic business life of KUTMAN Şirketler Grubu. Mining Fields at the vicinity of Istanbul have been subjected to naturally ecologic and topographic changes with open-cast mining since 1954.

For the purpose of rehabilitation and forestation of the mining areas where production of coal was depleted KUT ORMANCILIK LTD. ŞTİ was established in 1988. To this end initially in the month of November 1988  arrangement and landscaping of 61.8 hectares of non-mining area  has been completed and its forestation has been accomplished.  Soil surveys and analyses of the land have been made and ecologic units have been determined and having chosen 12 different species of tree and their plantings have been accomplished for this forestation work which qualified as a scientific research.   

KUTMAN that has been enjoying the honor and pleasure of being the first PRIVATE FORESTRY COMPANY in Turkey, in addition to planting 5 millions of trees over an area of 12.260 acres, has become the research and doctorate thesis preparation center of Universities. With a method which has been applied for the first time in our Country and in the World at the areas where mining activity comes to an end the eco system of the region has been recreated.

The KUTMAN Family, besides its contributions to the Country on the fields of Mining and Private Forestry, has experienced the great and lofty happiness and pleasure of making such permanent work of arts as Primary School and High School Buildings, School Laboratories,  İmrahor Village Primary School, Ağaçlı Village Mosque, etc.  After the death of Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil on 23.05.1995 all family has clamped together and has done their best to proceed and maintain missions of the Family and the Company. The slogan “To introduce Mining to the Economy, to bring the Forest however in the Nature” which explains all activities of KURMAN Şirketler Grubu and its view points to the life can be shown as an example to all sectors as an indication of the belief and confidence in this study.