The Period of Fazlı Kutmangil

Ragıp KutmangilFazlı KUTMANGİL who has been already working actively at management of Kutman Şirketler Grubu (Kutman Companies Group) was born in Istanbul on 24.08.1961. His primary school, middle school and high school educations were completed at Şişli Terakki Vakfı (Progressive Foundation) Schools. He was educated on the French Language in Switzerland in the years from 1980 to 1983.

He began his professional working life at Kutman Pres Ltd. as the Executive Officer in 1978. Later on, he continued his commercial activities on Import and Export at Askut Export Import Ltd. Co. as the Director.  After the death of his father Halis KUTMANGİL, founder of “Kutman Şirketler Grubu”, in 1988, he was actively worked as the director of the Board of Directors of the Company, continued his activities in his business life at the mining sector. He has been continuing to proceed with his present activities at the Chairman of the Board of Directors at his Incorporations and as the General Director at his Ltd. Companies since 1995.   

With a vision to serve human being   and humanity to serve his country and nation was always his main principle according to the conditions of the flourishing era and the changing world. To this end; for the years between 1988 and 2000 undertaking the office as the  active director of the Companies that have been making production of Lignite Coal (Ağaçlı Coals) needed by Istanbul,  so as to meet the great majority of  fuel needed by Istanbul, he has created great employment in the region and made contribution to the country’s economy.

KUTMANGİL, who is the founding member of Istanbul Young Miners Association (GEMAD), carrying the mining activities in Istanbul to a nongovernmental organization platform, has been still proceeding with his activities in the Organization.  
He has been closely following up the automotive sector and his investments. In this regard, original mock-ups of models of many cars each of which has a special production are available; he has got a large amount of car collection.  He is the member of Classic Automobiles Club.

He enjoys reading books at his spare times. He has always interested in history books. He travels frequently in order to examine different culture closely and on-site. Besides, he likes sports very much. He does not smoke.  
He has good command of English and French.
He is married and is the father of three children.