Kutman Mining

Kutman MadencilikOur Company which transforms black diamond into the green is one of the biggest mining firms operating under the field of license covering an area of 9572 Hectares in Istanbul in the Mining Sector. At the same time our Company contains in its structure “Kutorman” (Kut Ormancılık Tic. Ltd. Şti.) which completed and achieved the LARGEST PRIVATE FORESTATION in Turkey and in the World with its area of 12.260 acres.

Kutman has produced million tons of Coal, Sand and clay and put them into the service of our Country’s economy since 1954. By rehabilitating and forestation of areas whose mining activities come to an end, our Company has provided them again to the nature. With the hundreds of firms dealing with excavation works within our structure our Company has been granting revenue and employment to thousands of people in the region in this sector and various professional groups.  Our target is to introduce the underground mine to the economy, and to provide the forest however to the benefit of nature. Eventually we have been enjoying the honor and proud of these works. We kindly invite you to discover Kutman’s World of Coal and Forest.